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#RegalAfroBeatParty2019 – A Two-Day Thriller In Celebration Of Fela!


It was two nights of fun, entertainment and celebration of a music legend as this year’s edition of the Regal Afro Beat Party held at The New Afrika Shrine on August 2-3, 2019, much to the fans’ excitement!

Senior Brand Manager, Regal Dry Gin, Basit Arasi, who also talked about the idea behind the event, said “Regal Dry Gin is an indigenous brand and so is Afrobeat, and we are delighted to be part of such an event that celebrates the life of an originator and man who lived his life to the fullest.

As you may be aware, Regal Dry Gin is synonymous with fun and excitement, no celebration is complete without Regal in the mix. He said.

The Afro Beat party, an annual music concert organised in honour of the Afrobeat legend and world music icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, witnessed a lot more excitement this year as Regal Dry Gin treated fans and consumers to nights of musical variety and African-inspired cocktails from mixologists at the Regal bar, making it one of the highlights of this year’s edition as it added spice to the two day event.

The Regal Afro Beat Party 2019 presented an opportunity to celebrate the life and music of Fela, as many of his fans and up-and-coming artists had the opportunity to perform some of his iconic songs to the utmost delight of the guests at the venue.

The two-day event witnessed thrilling musical performances from a variety of Nigerian artists and also provided a platform for up and coming artists to also showcase their talents

Asides the thrilling musical performances and African-inspired cocktails, Regal also rewarded loyal consumers at the event with gift prizes ranging from smartphones, TV sets and lots more.

Guests at the event and lucky prize winners expressed their appreciation to the organizers of the event, especially Regal Dry Gin for what they described as a befitting recognition of a great music legend.


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